In the run-up to bonfire night, we're giving you our top tips to enjoy a safe and happy fireworks night to make sure everyone has a great time on the night!

1. Check your bonfire

If you're having your own fire make sure you check for hedgehogs, pets and other small animals - the best thing to do is build the bonfire on the day you light it - this stops a rain shower soaking the wood too. The BHPS have some great advice on how to be hedgehog friendly on bonfire night which you can check out here

2. Sparkler Safety

Sparklers can be lots of fun and provide a magical experience for kids on Guy Fawkes night but remember they are not toys and can be very dangerous too. Always supervise children using sparklers, and don’t let very young (Under 5s) use them at all. Wear gloves when handling, hold at arm's length and once they’ve burnt out plunge them straight into a bucket of cold water. Take a look here for some great advice on using sparklers in a safe way.

3. Layer Up

Dress little ones in layers. Remember going to a firework display can involve its fair share of standing and waiting in a cold wet field in November, however with a bonfire and a big crowd things can also get pretty toasty later in the evening. Wearing layers that can be removed or put back on as needed is a useful way to keep little ones snug and enjoying the experience.

4. Stay Safe around Fireworks

Teach good firework safety. Children love the bright colours and lights that come with fireworks but it’s important to teach little ones that fireworks are incredibly dangerous in the wrong hands. If you have fireworks in your home, keep them safely out of reach of children ideally in a locked metal box. Lead by example, do your homework on good safety practice and make sure you follow all the steps, there’s some fantastic advice available from the fire service here.

5.Wear Wellies!

An evening is so much more enjoyable when your feet are warm and dry. There’s no better footwear than a sturdy pair of wellington boots especially when you’re heading out to a big open green space in the evening where you may well encounter wet and muddy conditions. Check out our extra snuggly range of fur-lined wellies for some inspiration.